Thursday, March 16, 2017


Haaaiii!!! After my last post was on 2015, now i'm really sure to decided active on blogging again to share information about life, fashion, knowledge too maybe and other random topics that I think interested to discuss it. In my last post, i told you guys that i wanted Communication Major at University of Indonesia, but actually now....I got the University of Indonesia without the Communication Major. Now, I 'm student at Faculty of Administrative Science, and I took Fiscal Major. Fiscal Major is talking about taxation in Indonesia and worldwide (cool huh?), then about the budgeting of governance.

Now I'm busy at some organization one of them is BEM of Faculty Administrative Science. Being busy is what i want to do because I think, without busy my life is too sucks and I dont get anything in this collage. If you ask me how to manage my time, I will aswer it with 'I dont know, I always let it flow and doing something based on the priority'. What about you? You can share it on comment section, then we can communicate and sharing some experiences about managing time, collage, or others. By the way, I wrote this entry in some spare time before I will do my tasks about BMR and BMI (search it on Google and calculate yours!).

Warm Huge,


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Road To Christmas

Helooooooo Guys! Welcome to the Christmas day! What surely you remember when Christmas comes? Is it a gift? snow? warm clothes? shop? new clothes? or family? "Hohohohohohohohoho!" that's what I always remember when Christmas comes. Christmas synonymous with Santa, and I always like santa (although I am not Christians), because the saint is a good figure, listener requests of children. But have you ever thought that a saint could be the your parents themselves? I think like that when I was watching the series High School Musical on Christmas. Prayer they turned out to be heard by their own parents, and granted by their own parents. Yep, it turns out Santa is not always fat, big man, and a long white beard. However, santa in our ideas, with santa in reality just the same, they have a sincere heart to love the person he loves.

Talking about santa, talking about christmas, and by the way christmas 2 days more already. Have you make a wish list? I've made some desire, not for Christmas but resolutions for 2016, I will tell you later on the 1st of January!

This time, I will be sharing about Christmas in Indonesia Guys! In Indonesia, Christmas comes during the rainy season, not winter, but just the same, equally cold xoxoxo. Has prepared a Christmas clothes appropriate to the weather in your area? For you who live in Indonesia, wear comfortable clothes, if you want to look sexy, wear clothes that show the body part do you think is sexy (it aims to increase your confidence while wearing them)! Do not forget to bring a raincoat if you do not use a car, do not forget to bring an umbrella if you use public transport!