Thursday, March 16, 2017


Haaaiii!!! After my last post was on 2015, now i'm really sure to decided active on blogging again to share information about life, fashion, knowledge too maybe and other random topics that I think interested to discuss it. In my last post, i told you guys that i wanted Communication Major at University of Indonesia, but actually now....I got the University of Indonesia without the Communication Major. Now, I 'm student at Faculty of Administrative Science, and I took Fiscal Major. Fiscal Major is talking about taxation in Indonesia and worldwide (cool huh?), then about the budgeting of governance.

Now I'm busy at some organization one of them is BEM of Faculty Administrative Science. Being busy is what i want to do because I think, without busy my life is too sucks and I dont get anything in this collage. If you ask me how to manage my time, I will aswer it with 'I dont know, I always let it flow and doing something based on the priority'. What about you? You can share it on comment section, then we can communicate and sharing some experiences about managing time, collage, or others. By the way, I wrote this entry in some spare time before I will do my tasks about BMR and BMI (search it on Google and calculate yours!).

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