Saturday, June 2, 2012

Young Fashion Blogger Indonesia

Anastasia Siantar

Anastasia Siantar -
Anastasia Siantar,girl who was 21 years old. She was a dancer and heels lover. Most of the heels she was wearing was a special order made by Ulin Custome Shoes. Anastasia is often used street style,that is free to experiment.

Chanelene. Chanelene

Chanelene. Chanelene -
She has ambitions of traveling around the world. Chanelene have many styles, including the Dorky, Quirky, Simple, Rocks, and Sweet. "That's all mean nothing without passion of fashion" said Chanelene

Diana Caitilin

Diana Caitilin -
Diana Caitlin was a fashion blogger from Indonesia who was 18 years old and now he majored in fashion design in Malaysia. Diana dared to combine all kinds of style in a total look, "Do not ever feel afraid if you want to play with FASHION"-Diana

Okky Dommy

Okky Dommy - 
Okky Dommy is a fashion blogger from Indonesia who were 18 years old. Okky different style in each of his post, he is good at combining various kinds of style in him. "Fashion - I do, not Because They have to but but because i love it" - Okky 

Sonia Eryka
Sonia Eryka - 
Sonia Eryka is a fashion blogger from Indonesia who was 18 years old. He often wore clothing with retro and vintage styles, there are some street style look on his appearance. He has an online shop you can find on facebook: Riots Barbie Shop. 


  1. yah, semuanya pada cantik2 sih

    dan keren2 banget

    suka banget melihat mereka semuanya

    gw paling suka anastasia siantar..

    eh, itu namanya siantar atau asalnya dari pematang siantar ya

    btw emang semuanya cool dan keren2 kok, dan cantk2

    baju anak
    baju korea
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